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Donna Dixon

Donna Dixon

Clayton, GA


Donna Dixon is an emerging artist and lives in Clayton,Georgia-USA, which is in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.
She has lived in both Houston and Austin,Texas and Northeast Georgia as well.
After leaving the Medical Lab field with an early retirement, Dixon is now following full-time her life-long passion of painting. She is a self-taught artist and works from her home studio.

ARTIST STATEMENT- I would like for my artworks to cause the viewer to have a moment of new or renewed appreciation for the beauty of the subject and what makes up our material world. Even the question poses as Why would anyone want to adulterate,destroy or warp what is beautiful and complete? Leaving a viewer with their own thoughts or views of what is on a canvas is an even better result.
I feel there is enough ugliness & destruction in our world, why paint more of it?
Human beings are able to correct or be motivated to correct destructive forces we all face. This is true esp in nature and the animal kingdom. Everything seems fine and in balance until mankind shows up with all our greed and narcissism.
I am motivated to paint with my own enjoyment, hoping it may capture someones attention who needs to be reminded of how fragile life is but yet souls are forever and very powerful.
I am fascinated with not just animal behavior, but also the human "animal" and especially behavior in groups, pods, herds and society.
I say the animals have it "all figured out" and humans still struggle in societies when contrasted with animal behaviors, beliefs and rules.
I am captured by the beauty of animals and nature. This is a never-ending fascination and I have to try and convey this with my artwork, which I must do, regardless of the critiques of anyone else.
I mostly paint what ever I feel,which means I have works encompassing several styles and subjects.
I am always trying new things and ideas which, to me, is a large part of the fun of it all.
I currently use a lot of oils, acrylics and some mixed media".

Impressionist painters, people, nature and of course wildlife are some of her most inspiring subjects"

Dixon was one of the featured artists who had artwork included in a previous collection for Saatchi Online, curated by Ms Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator at the Saatchi Gallery London.
"Originals for $500 and Under Collection." .

It wasn't the spotlight Donna Dixon craved when she was growing up. She got her kicks behind the scenes. In school, she took the opportunity to paint sets and scenic props, as opposed to acting on the stage.

Today, instead of high school plays, you may spot her art in the background of Hollywood movies. Two paintings of Dixon's can be seen in the 2012 Universal Studios film "Wanderlust" - a comedy produced by Judd Apatow, directed by David Wain and starring Paul Rudd with Jennifer Aniston.

Dixon says she spends most of time painting, and caring for her adopted pets and supports efforts to save African and Asian elephants from extinction and the cruelty of certain Asian and SE Asian practices, still used by some, in spite of being outlawed by most areas for the same reasons.

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"Art is never finished- only abandoned." (Leonardo Da Vinci)

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music"
(Friedrich Nietzsche)


Muse In Fog II by Donna Dixon


Cherry Trees In Fog by Donna Dixon


Misty Mountain Hop by Donna Dixon


Table on the Beach From the Water Series by Donna Dixon


Still Waters From the Water Series by Donna Dixon


Bird Snowfall by Donna Dixon


You Have Flamingo Legs by Donna Dixon


Peaceful Morning Limited Edition Prints 6 of 20 by Donna Dixon


European Bee Eaters by Donna Dixon


Chickadees by Donna Dixon


Fine Feathered Friends 1 by Donna Dixon


The Blues by Donna Dixon


Cargates in Spring by Donna Dixon


Marrakesh Dreams by Donna Dixon


Bird Snowfall-2 by Donna Dixon


Breaking the Chain Limited Edition Prints 1 of 20 by Donna Dixon


Three Beauties by Donna Dixon


Zebra Line by Donna Dixon


Traffick on Serengeti by Donna Dixon


Marsha's Elephant by Donna Dixon


There's One In Every Crowd by Donna Dixon


Tusks2 by Donna Dixon


Graceful Pond From the Water Series by Donna Dixon


Swimming Koi Fish From the Water Series by Donna Dixon


Dogwoods by Donna Dixon


Study of Almond Branches by Van Gogh by Donna Dixon


Asiatic Lily by Donna Dixon


Clayton In Bloom II by Donna Dixon


Mountain Laurel by Donna Dixon


Vessels by Donna Dixon


Coffee in Black and White by Donna Dixon


Vintage Gas Pump by Donna Dixon


The Cock-Walk by Donna Dixon


Fresh Produce by Donna Dixon


Vintage Roadside 3 by Donna Dixon


Vintage Coca-Cola sign by Donna Dixon


Vintage Roadside 4 by Donna Dixon


Country Store by Donna Dixon


Snowy Branches by Donna Dixon


Abstract Impressions by Donna Dixon


River of Praise by Donna Dixon


Liquid Summer by Donna Dixon


Abstract Spring by Donna Dixon


Warfare Rev 12 vs7 by Donna Dixon


The Kotel by Donna Dixon


Woman Why Weepest Thou? by Donna Dixon


Bathsheba by Donna Dixon


Come Unto Me by Donna Dixon